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Best Plastic Bottle

"Philips AVENT Natural Baby Bottle: Mimics breast feel, reduces colic, and easy to clean."

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Best for Newborn

"Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Narrow Baby Bottles: Trusted for reducing colic and gas discomfort in newborns."

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"Lansinoh Baby Bottles: Breastfeeding-friendly and anti-colic, simplifying the transition from breast to bottle."

Best Nipple Bottle

"Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Narrow Glass Baby Bottle: A safe and durable choice with effective anti-colic features."

Best Glass Bottle

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"Chicco Duo 9oz. Hybrid Baby Bottle: A perfect blend of durability and comfort with its unique design."

Best Slow Flow Bottle

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"Pura Kiki Newborn Stainless Steel Baby Bottle: A safe, eco-friendly, and adaptable choice for your baby's feeding needs."

Best Stainless Bottle

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"Comotomo Baby Bottle: A breastfeeding-friendly choice with a skin-like texture, easy cleaning, and an anti-colic design."

Best Silicone Bottle

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"Boon NURSH Silicone Bottles: Innovative collapsible pouch design reduces gas and colic for a convenient feeding experience."

Best Anti Colic Bottle

Select the ideal baby bottle based on safety, convenience, and your baby's comfort. Keep exploring until you find the perfect fit. Happy feeding!